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The Four Corners area

The Four Corners area of the Western United States is a trail rider's paradise. Mountain, desert, and canyon country are all within a half days's drive. Solitude is easy to be had with no urban centers in the area. The Weminuche Wilderness is Colorado's largest designated wilderness area, and boast some of the most stunning vistas in the entire state. The canyon country of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona and offers scenery unique to the planet with an array of sculpted stone and towering red rock canyons.

About this Website

Four Corners Trails was started by Sarah Rose, an avid trail rider who saw the need for an informal online resource for trail information. While trail information is plentiful online and in print, most of it is by, and for, hikers, mountain bikers, and ATV enthusiasts. Very little is available for horse use, by horse users. Please consider joining the forum and sharing a bit about your area and favorite trails. Who knows, you might even find a new favorite trail on the forum!

Sarah and Jypsi enjoying the Continental Divide Trail near Silverton, Colorado in 2007




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